Band History and Membership

Rock the Boat in 2010.

  • Jim Tolles plays fiddle, sings lead, and is our chief composer and arranger.
  • Sandy Davis  is in the photo, but is no longer playing with Rock the Boat. (We need to update the photo)
  • Muriel Hendrix plays keyboard.
  • Pete Stevens plays drum set, a bit of hand percussion, and sings tenor.

Eric Johnson is our preferred sound technician.

Band History:

Jim and Muriel got this all going round about 2008. They doubled the band’s size by recruiting Pete and Sandy in late winter of 2010. As a foursome, the band played for contra dances all over the mid-Coast of Maine from Falmouth to Bangor. We also performed at the 2011 and 2012 DEFFA and 2011 NEFFA festivals .

In late spring 2012, life was calling other shots  (largely in the form of Muriel’s hands wearing out), and we parted ways. Sandy returned to his many other musical ventures. Muriel  put her energies into healing her hands of arthritis. Pete and Jim jammed a bit with a few other musicians, but nothing new materialized.

As it turned out, both Sandy and Muriel were successful in their pursuits. Muriel was able to play fulltime again, and Sandy was busily engaged with other bands. So Muriel rejoined Jim and Petein late 2012, while Sandy decided to stay with the traditional music for which he is so well known. Rock the Boat was back in the water as a threesome, and is now on the schedule again with the same energy but less of a horn section.

Happy Dancing!


1 Response to Band History and Membership

  1. Rickey Holt says:

    Are you still interested in playing in Deerfield, NH? We talked about it at the last DEFFA.
    Rickey Holt

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